Drilling Through Danger

Project: Drilling Through Danger

Over a 12-year span, an oil and gas worker died once every three months on average in Colorado.

Team: Primary photography by RJ Sangosti. Video storytelling by Lindsay Pierce. I served as the photo editor.

Results: The Colorado legislature changed laws to make more reporting required.

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Awards:  Emmy, Community Service,  Emmy, Overall Excellence

Colorado Wildfires: The Burning Season

Over a single, tragic summer, Colorado experienced the worst flooding and fire season on record.

Fires swept through entire subdivisions, moving in so quickly, residents didn’t have time to gather belongings  and left them wondering if their homes had made it through. Many families lost everything they had.

Aurora Theater Shooting

A newsroom grows quiet after midnight. Down to just a couple digital producers, The Denver Post was no different as July 19 gave way to the 20th. Just 39 minutes into that summer day, the quiet was shattered.

An Aurora, Colorado, police dispatcher calmly put out a call for units to head to a movie theater to check out reports of shots fired.

With reporters, photographers and videographers blanketing the scene, the horrific details were published through social media and denverpost.com: 12 dead; 58 injured; panicked survivors; chaos at the 16-screen theater.

Once again, Colorado would be ground zero to mass murder.

Gregory L. Moore, editor

The Final Chase

The deaths of Tim Samaras, Carl Young and Paul Samaras, regarded as the first to be killed by a tornado among what many colleagues consider “bonafide” storm chasers, brought renewed attention to these weather enthusiasts, to their scientific contributions and to the hazards they face — and pose — wherever twisters materialize.

They also highlighted the personal and professional loss inflicted on a community in which all three had become valued contributors.

Weekly News Photo Essay

Colorado Christmas

Four Lives, One Last Chance

Photojournalist Sangjib Min spent a year documenting the first class of the new drug court program in Virginia. He was able to gain the trust of those with multiple offenses and follow them through the program.

I served as photo editor for the project, working closely with Sangjib daily to look over new images and talk through the direction the story was taking.